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Princess Tiara




Otis (Obviously)

Toby Two Tummies

All the cat characters in this tail tale actually do exist - they are real! They each portray themselves convincingly with perhaps the exception of Otis who at times is a little too convincing..!  You'll find out when you read the book.                This enchanting story will captivate readers of all ages.

The real life Robocats have purred their way into the hearts of their loving owners around the world. So for those who have been unable to share their homes with one of these gorgeous kitties, we decided to write a storybook. Our book is now instantly available to enjoy wherever you go. Simply play the short video for a sample of this amazing story.

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silver tabby hero
Princess in the story
blue silver spotted cat
silver tabby kitten
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General Kling

mean tabby cat
cute tabby kitten
nasty rat villain