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Information about these cats...

British Shorthairs in Silver Tabby and Silver Spotted patterns.

These are a medium to large cat with a calm nature and gentle outlook on life. As kittens they are playful and demonstrate a real desire to be part of the family. In adult life these cats are solid, loving and dependable.

Ideally suited to an indoor or secure garden environment, these gorgeous lumps are extraordinarily trusting...    ...they are pure perfection. You will not find these kitties anywhere else.

All kittens are GCCF registered. They come with full transfer & pedigree documentation, they are vaccinated and insured for their first four weeks.

From time to time older cats become available too.  

Which to choose, a male or a female?  

Well, there's no difference in temperament between the two. The difference is the size - the boys grow bigger.

       When it comes to breeding Silver Tabbies, we take it seriously, very seriously. If you are anything like

                                   as picky as we are (and you should be), you must read this guide.

                                               You will see why these are "No Ordinary Cats".

                                           It's free and it's available from the Apple iBooks Store.

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Silver Spotted Album...

We also have a selection of some of the Silver Spotted cats and kittens we have produced in our commitment to improve the standard of these stunning beauties.

Silver Tabby Album...

We've collated some images of just a few of the Silver Tabby cats and kittens that we have bred over the past twenty one years.