Silver Spotted British Shorthair male cat

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We have prepared a short video of a litter of kittens, four tabby and one spotted, simply having fun.

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A silly story.. ah, but true!

Many years ago one of my spotted girls featured in a couple of TV commercials for Whiskas cat food. Three days in the studio to produce twenty seconds of TV commercial was not my idea of fun. So I announced that we were no longer available.

A short while afterwards I received a phone call from a film company who wanted to use one of my Silver Tabby cats in a film they were making.    "Nope" I said.   But they wouldn't take "nope" for an answer, the calls continued for a week.

"Look" I said, "I bred a particularly handsome boy I sold to a lady.   Now, if she will talk to you will you talk to her and leave me alone?"

"Yes" she said.

So the cat was taken to the studio, "Perfect" they said. "We need him for three months". "Oh no, you can't have him for three months."

As a result, I get the phone calls again. "No, I'm not interested", I kept repeating. They in return kept saying, it was a film about some important person. "Look, I've heard none of his songs, bought none of his albums          - I'm not interested."

Who was this person whose songs I'd never heard - Harry Potter!   In my defence this was years ago before the first Harry Potter film.

So many people have laughed when I told this story "How could you not know about Harry Potter?"

To be honest, I feel quite proud.. At that point I had never heard of him, but they had clearly heard of Robocats..!!  

Now who's laughing?